The Modern Monstera


Plant Refresh

Do you have a plant that needs some love? Has your plant outgrown its pot? Does your plant need a makeover? I can help bring your plant back to life and help it thrive for many years to come.

Base rates starting from:

Small Plant (4-5″ pot) – $15 + HST
Medium Plant (6-8″ pot) – $25 + HST
Large Plant (10-12″ pot) – $35 + HST
Extra Large Plant (14-16″ pot) – $50 + HST

A typical repot of a plant includes the following:

  • An inner plastic pot
  • Inspection of roots with treatment if required
  • Fresh custom soil mix 
  • Pruning and trimming of any dead leaves
  • Cleaning leaves and checking for any pests 
  • Customized Care and Maintenance Guide for treated plant

*There may be additional costs depending on the condition of your plant. 

**Any new decorative pots are additional to the repotting fee. 

***If travel to a client’s location is required, there may be an additional travelling fee. Otherwise I accept porch drop offs.