The Modern Monstera


Virtual Plant Consultations

Do you want to fill your space with plants, but don’t know where to begin?¬† We offer plant styling and plant care consultations where you will have our undivided attention to help you create a green space that you have always imagined.

Plant Styling:

This is for those who want to do their own plant and pot shopping and just need to know where to begin.

  • Video Call via Zoom.
  • Assessment of your space, light, style, and lifestyle.
  • Discussion of plants and pots for your space.
  • Proposal of plant and pot recommendations after your consultation.

Plant Care:

This is for those who have specific questions about plants that you are having problems with. 

  • Video call via Zoom.
  • Discussion of history of your plant.
  • Discuss and review methodologies on how to improve the conditions of your plant.
  • Includes plant specific care & maintenance guide.

Pest Management:

Learn what integrated pest management is and why its important for the health of your plants.

  • Video call via Zoom.
  • Pest Identification
  • Signs and Symptoms of Pest Infestation
  • Pest lifecycle
  • Control methods
  • Includes summary of discussion and treatment recommendations

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