The Modern Monstera

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My name is Cheryl, and I am a chemical engineer, turned certified Project Manager with a love for interior plant design.

My first real houseplant that I purchased was a gorgeous Monstera Deliciosa and the first thing I did was leave it in my car in the middle of a scorching, hot summer to run some errands. When I came back, to my horror, every single leaf was wilted and burned to crisp. I brought my injured plant home and somehow nursed it back to life with research, TLC, and amid many tears. When I finally saw my first curly new growth poking out, I knew I was hooked. That same Monstera has been propagated and distributed to a handful of friends and family and still growing strong in my own home. Since then, I developed a true passion and obsession for decorating spaces with a variety of beautiful houseplants. 

My husband Norm is also a chemical engineer, turned Project Manager and he is my backbone and partner in crime. He manages the website, and helps with the daily tasks required to bring projects to fruition. He also grounds me if my ideas get too carried away.

Our two boys, Sebastian and Preston, have helped water every plant in our house and even have their own plants they have given so much love to. Both enjoy plant shopping and developed a love for plants just like us!

After we decorated our home in Aurora, Ontario, I decided that I wanted to help people bring their homes to life in a refreshingly stylish and practical way.

This brand stands for what I love to do – elevating your space one plant at a time.